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Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean Sea, named after Sint Martin (Martin of Tours). It is located 240 kilometres east of Puerto Rico, and south of Anguilla, and belongs to the Lesser Antilles. Sint Maarten is divided into a French and a Dutch part. The Dutch part belongs to the Windward Islands of the Netherlands Antilles. The total area of the island is 87 km². The Dutch part (south) has a surface area of 34 km².

Sint Maarten Satellite PhotoSint Sint Maarten Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain


Sint Maarten is hilly and has tropical vegetation. There are more than 30 bays on the island. Sint Maarten is partly covered with salt lakes and lagoons. The highest mountain is Paradise Peek, this mountain is located on the French part of Sint Maarten.

Philipsburg and the Great Bay, Sint MaartenPhilipsburg and the Great Bay, Sint MaartenPhoto: Clavius66 CC BY-SA 3.0 no changes made



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