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Geography and Landscape


Saskatchewan is one of the prairie provinces, is flat and characterised by many forests, lakes and endless cornfields, which provide much of Canada's grain and bread production.

Saskatchewan Satellite PhotoSaskatchewan Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain

The province covers a total area of almost 650,000 km2 and the Saskatchewan River flows through it. Saskatchewan is bordered to the north by the Northwest Territories, to the east by Manitoba, to the south by the US states of North Dakota and Montana and to the west by Alberta, with the greatest length from north to south being 1124 kilometres and from east to west 632 kilometres.


The north is flat, virtually uninhabited and is part of the Canadian Shield. The Cypress Hills are the highest point of the province at 1386 metres. Prince Albert Provincial Park contains about 10,000 lakes. Here you can also see the transition from southern to northern Canada. The southern part consists of birch forests and prairie, the northern part is wetter, with lakes, pines and firs, the beginning of the gigantic forests of Northern Canada. In the south-west is the Cypress Hills Provincial Park, a mountain range 1389 metres high in a desert-like environment with many dunes and sand creeks. From Diefenbaker Lakes to the eastern border of the province, there is only flat prairie land.

In the south-west of the province is Grasslands National Park, with one of the last authentic grasslands in North America. Temperatures in the park vary widely, from 40°C in summer to -40°C in winter.

Just north of Regina, the Qu'Appelle River valley is attractive. The river separates the flat prairies in the south from the more hilly grassland north of the river. Important rivers are also the Churchill River, the North Saskatchewan River and the South Saskatchewan River.

The water of Little Manitou Lake is five times saltier than ocean water.

Little Manitou Lake, SaskatchewanLittle Manitou Lake, SaskatchewanPhoto:Canadian2006 CC 3.0 Unported no changes made


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