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Saba is an island territory and the smallest inhabited island of the Netherlands Antilles. Together with St. Eustatius, St. Maarten and the uninhabited rocky island Green Island, it belongs to the Windward Islands. The main town is The Bottom. Apart from The Bottom, Saba has three more villages: St. John's Flat, Windwardside and Hell's Gate. Saba is situated 30 kilometres south-west of St. Maarten. It is about 4.5 kilometres in diameter and the surface area is 13 km².

Saba Satellite photoSaba Satellite photoPhoto: Public Domain


Saba consists of a dead volcano with four lava domes. The slopes run steeply down to the sea and the coast is rocky. With its 887 metres, the Mount Scenery volcano is the highest point of the island and of the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands. North of Saba is a small uninhabited rocky island that is also part of the island territory: Green Island.

Mount Scenery, highest point of SabaMount Scenery, highest point of SabaPhoto: David B. Gleason CC 2.0 Generic no changes made



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