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Puerto Rico is surrounded by water between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico is associated with the United States. The main island has a length of 175 km and is 55 km wide. In addition, there are a few small islands. The total area of Puerto Rico is almost 9000 km2. The closest country is the western Dominican Republic.

Puerto Rico SatellietfotoPuerto Rico Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public Domain


The landscape of Puerto Rico varies. There are white beaches with palm trees, but also mountains, rolling hills and even stretches of desert. In the north there are vast beaches, but also sugar cane plantations and against the mountain hills tobacco fields and banana plantations. The largest part of the island consists of mountainous landscape (60% of the country). The Cordillera Central mountain range runs through the centre of the island like a spine. The highest point in the country is Cerro de Punta (1338 m). There is also a section of tropical rainforest in the east of Puerto Rico.

Cerro de Punta, Puerto Rico's highest mountainCerro de Punta, Puerto Rico's highest mountainPhoto: Roca ruiz CC BY-SA 2.0 no changes made


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