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In addition to Spanish, called "Castellano" in Peru, Quechua, spoken by the Indians of the central mountainous region, has also had the status of an official language since 1975; the Indians around Lake Titicaca speak Aymará and the Amazon Indians speak a multitude of unrelated languages.

Spanish is spoken by about 70% of the population. Quechua is spoken by the majority of the Native American population. Aymará is still spoken by about two million people in Peru and Bolivia. Quechua and Aymará were not written languages and still do not have an official spelling method today, so the spelling differs from place to place.

The Amazon Indians are divided into 53 ethnic groups speaking languages from 12 different linguistic families.

The glossary below clearly indicates how the three main languages in Peru differ from each other:

English Spanish Aymará Quechua
one uno maya u’luc
two dos paya iscai
three tres quimsa quinsa
five cinco pe(i)sa phisca
ten diez tunca chunca
tomorrow mañana arumanti tutamanta
son hijo yoka churi
black negro chiara yana
nose nariz nasa senca


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