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Papua New Guinea is located in South Asia east of Indonesia and covers the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is bordered to the north by the Bismarck Sea, to the east by the Solomon Sea, to the south by the Coral Sea, the Gulf of Papua and the Torres Strait and to the west by Indonesian Irian Jaya. The area of Papua New Guinea is 462,840 square kilometres.

Papua New Guinea Satellite PhotoPapua New Guinea Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public Domain


The landscape is very varied. In one place you find hills, while in other places you find vast mangroves. In the west, there is a large area of flat grassland. Inland, there are swampy plains and also some large mountain ranges such as the Central Mountains and the Owen Stanley Range. The highest point is Mount Wilhelm with an altitude of 4694 metres.

Top of Mount Wilhelm, Papua New GuineaTop of Mount Wilhelm, Papua New GuineaPhoto: Nomadtales CC 2.1 Australia no changes made

Some of the islands belonging to Papua New Guinea, such as New Britain and Bougainville, are mountainous. Many of the smaller islands are atolls: a ring-shaped coral reef that encloses a lagoon and rises from the seabed.


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