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Panama is located in Central America. Panama borders both the Caribbean Sea and the northern Pacific Ocean and lies between Costa Rica and Colombia. The surface area of Panama is more than 78,000 square kilometres.

Panama Satellite PhotoPanama Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public Domain


Due to its long coastlines, Panama has many beautiful sandy beaches. The many islands and islets on both sides of the isthmus should also be mentioned here. The most important are the Archipelago of San Blás and Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean Sea. There are also Coiba and the Pearl Islands off the southern coast.

The Panama Canal is 80 km long and divides Panama into an eastern and a western part. Along the coast and between the mountains in the central part of Panama there is lowland. Tropical rainforest is located in the canal zone. Politically the whole Panama belongs to North America. Coastal areas are flat but inland areas are mountainous. At 3477 metres, El Volcán Barú is the highest point in the country.

Volcán Barú, PanamaVolcán Barú, PanamaPhoto: Naranjelis23 CC 3.0 License no changes made


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