Information about Oceania

All of Oceania except Kiribati is located in the Southern Hemisphere. The definition of Oceania is somewhat arbitrary, so here our own definition. Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and a large number of islands and countries in the Pacific Ocean, which are often ethnologically classified in the island groups of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. The total land area of Oceania is then approximately 9,015,000 km2, making it the smallest continent on earth. This is also the case in terms of population.

Oceania is located southeast of Asia. Oceania therefore consists mainly of water surface in the Pacific. Here you will find some of the most remote islands on Earth. The islands are known for the coral reefs and the white beaches with the characteristic palm trees. There are also a large number of volcanoes on this continent, including some below sea level. The vegetation of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea is described in detail on the pages of these countries.

The highest mountain in the continent is located in Papua New Guinea, which is the Puncak Jaya with an altitude of 4,884 meters. The Marian Trench is the deepest known place on earth with more than 11 kilometers below sealevel and is located east of the archipelago of the Mariana Islands.

The destination pages contain extensive chapters on the plants and animals of Oceania. Special is of course the "Great Barrier Reef", which is the largest coral reef in the world which is located off the coast of Australia. Here you can dive well and you can see, in addition to the beautiful coral, turtles, sharks, dolphins and many other fish with often dazzling colors. Australia also has many special animals such as the kangaroo, the Tasmanian devil, the koala and the platypus. One of Australia's most important plants is the eucalyptus or gum tree and there are many acacia species. The red-black Sturt's desert pea is also very beautiful. The national bird of New Zealand is of course the Kiwi, the landscape is very special. Here the film "Lord of the Rings" was shot.

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