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North America, as part of Landenweb consisting of Canada, the United States and Mexico, is a continent that is entirely located in the Northern Hemisphere and is almost entirely surrounded by seas and oceans. Greenland also belongs to North America in terms of landscape, but Landenweb has chosen to treat Greenland, an autonomous area belonging to Denmark, to Europe.

To the north, North America borders the Arctic Ocean, to the east the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, Bering Strait separates North America (United States, Alaska) from Asia (Russia, Siberia) and is only 85 km wide. In the south, North America borders the Caribbean Sea and South America. North and South America are separated by the Darién region (also known as Darién Gap) on the border of Colombia and Panama. The Panama Canal is also considered to be the border between South and North America

The northernmost point in mainland North America is Murchison Promontory on the Boothia Peninsula in the Canadian province of Nunavut, the southernmost point is Punta Mariato in Panama, the westernmost point is Cape Prince of Wales in the U.S. state of Alaska, the easternmost point is Cape Saint Charles in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. North America (including Greenland) has an area of approximately 23,958,000 km2, making it the third largest continent on earth, after Asia (43,820,000 km2) and Africa (30,370,000 km2). The highest mountain measures 6190 meters. It is the Denali (meaning the highest in the local language) in Alaska.

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