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Nicaragua is located in Central America. Nicaragua borders both the Caribbean Sea and the northern Pacific Ocean and lies between Costa Rica and Honduras. The surface area of Nicaragua is almost 130,000 square kilometres.

Nicaragua Satellite PhotoNicaragua Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain


The western area is mountainous, where the Cerro Negro and Momotombo volcanoes, among others, rise. The eastern part of the country is a tropical lowland that is largely covered by rainforest.

The three most important regions are the Pacific lowlands with nearly forty volcanoes, the central mountain range that reaches almost to the border with Costa Rica, and the Caribbean lowlands, a sparsely populated area with a lot of tropical rainforest. The highest (extinct) volcano in Nicaragua is Pico Mogotón (2107 metres). The stratovolcano Mogotombo (1297 m), was still active in 2015.

Momotombo, NicaraguaMomotombo, NicaraguaPhoto: Jorge Mejia Peralta CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

In the southwest are two large lakes; Laco Managua and Laco de Nicaragua (148 kilometres long and 55 kilometres wide).


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