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Two languages are spoken and written in Mallorca, Mallorquin, a Catalan dialect, and Castilian Spanish (Castellano). In the thirteenth century, Catalan (Català) supplanted the Arabic of the Moors. After the unification of Spain, the court language, Castilian, became increasingly important and in 1715 declared the official language of all Spain, including the Balearic Islands.

It was not until the nineteenth century that there was more attention for Catalan again and its autonomous status since 1983 has made Catalan an official language again in the Balearic Islands.

A dialect of Catalan, Mallorquin is difficult to understand even for mainland Spaniards, and differs in both pronunciation and vocabulary.

English Castilian Mallorquin

shower ducha dutxa

double room habitación doble habitacio doble

bad baño bany

toilet sink toaleta

key llave clau

bank banco banc

post office la oficina de correos correus

credit card tarjeta de crédito carta de credit

breakfast el desayuno berenar

water el agua aigua

wine vino vi


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