Basic information
   Official national languageIndonesian
   Area1,904,569 km²
   Population269,159,832 (2019)
   CurrencyRupiah (IDR)
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Jakarta, formerly Batavia, is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. The National Monument is located in the center of Merdeka Square, the central park of the city. Near the national monument, there is the Arjuna Wijaya statue and a fountain inspired by a poem by Mahabharata. Other attractions include Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral, and the Liberation Monument. Tourist attractions include the Miniature Park of Indonesia, Ragunan Zoo, Old Town Jakarta and the Ancol Dreamland complex at Jakarta Bay. Jakarta's old town contains museums, often former institutional buildings of colonial Batavia. A number of these museums are the Jakarta Historical Museum (the former city hall of Batavia), the Wayang Museum (a former church of Batavia), the Art and Ceramics Museum (the former courthouse of Justice of Batavia) and the Maritime Museum (the former Sunda Kelapa warehouse). Several museums are located in the center of Jakarta around Merdeka square.

Yogyakarta is the main city in the Yogyakarta region of Indonesia. Yogyakarta has beautiful tourist sites that attract many tourists. The kraton is located in the heart of the historic old city of Yogyakarta and is the palace of the sultans. The kraton is a small walled city. The complex dates back to the mid-18th century and has its own market, shops, businesses, schools and even a number of mosques. In the center of the kraton is the Golden Pavilion (Bangsal Kencana). The pavilion has a beautiful roof with many details and a number of large teak columns. Other interesting things include the separate entrances for men and women. There are regular gamelan orchestras and shadow puppet shows. The Borobudur is by far Indonesia's most famous attraction and is close to Yogyakarta. The Borobudur is a Buddhist stupa and temple complex in Central Java and dates back to the 8th century. The Borobudur has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest Buddhist building in the world and everyone will be amazed by the scale of the temple and the remarkable attention to detail of the structure. Also its location in the heart of the Kedu plain, with mighty active volcanoes all around, adds to the sensational feeling that overwhelms most visitors.


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