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   Official national languageEnglish
   Area214,969 kmĀ²
   Population785,908 (2019)
   CurrencyGuyanaese dollar (GYD)
   Web | Code | | GYA | +592

Guyana has rainforests, beaches, savannas and rivers. The country attracts adventurous tourists who want to camp, fish or hike to even spot a jaguar with a bit of luck.

Kaieteur WaterfallsPhoto:Bill Cameron Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported no changes made

A visit to Kaieteur waterfalls in Kaieteur National Park is a highlight of any visit to Guyana. The falls are located on the Potaro River and belong to the list of Iguazú, Niagara and Victoria. The national park is located on a plateau and is one of the oldest and most remote areas in the world. You will find geological formations in a bio-diverse rainforest. There are plenty of beaches in Guyana including Almond Beach, Shell Beach and Saxacalli Beach. There are rainforests in Iwokrama and the Pakaraima mountains.

Market Georgetown GuyanaPhoto:MM Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic no changes made

19th century wooden houses on stilts and charming green boulevards laid along lines of old Dutch canals give the capital Georgetown a unique character. Some of the more impressive wooden buildings from the colonial past include City Hall, St George's Cathedral and the Palace of Justice. The 49-hectare botanical gardens and zoo have a fine collection of palms, orchids and lotus lilies. Also worth a visit are the Museum of Natural History, which contains all aspects of life and culture, and the Walter Roth Anthropological Museum.


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