The continent of Europe is located in the Northern Hemisphere. East of Europe is Asia, and the border between the two continents roughly runs through the Nova Zembla archipelago north of the Asian mainland, the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara to the Dardanelles. The Dardanelles, also known as Hellespont, is a strait in northwestern Turkey, and is part of the connection between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, separating the European from the Asian part of Turkey.

At the northernmost point, where the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the boundary in the west is the Atlantic Ocean, and in the east, the border with Asia is mainly formed by the Ural Mountains. South of Europe is the continent of Africa, which is separated from the European mainland by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea.

After Oceania (approx. 8,468,300 km2), Europe is the smallest continent on earth with approx. 10,180,000 km2. Russia is the largest country in Europe, Vatican City is the smallest country. Europe is approximately 4000 km long from north to south, and the continent stretches 5500 km from east to west. The most northerly point in Europe is Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island, a volcanic island of Frans Jozef, a group of islands northeast of Spitsbergen; the southernmost point is Punta de Tarifa in Spain, the westernmost point is Cabo da Roca in Portugal. The most eastern point of Europe is an unnamed mountain peak northeast of the Gora Anoraga mountain peak in the European part of Russia.

The destination pages contain extensive chapters on the plants and animals of Europe. Europe is the most densely populated continent, man causes a less diverse flora and fauna. Despite this fact, there are still many beautiful and special plants and animals to be seen in Europe. There are still wolves, bears, martens and lynxes. But these animal species are endangered and their habitat is getting smaller. Reforestation of the continent is a focus of the European Union.

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