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El Salvador is located in Central America and borders the North Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras. The country borders Guatemala and Belize to the west. To the north it borders Honduras and to the east Nicaragua. The surface area of El Salvador is more than 21,000 square kilometres.

El Salvador Satellite PhotoEl Salvador Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain


Izalco Volcano, El SalvadorIzalco Volcano, El SalvadorPhoto: Gino il Pio in the public domain

The landscape is hilly and mountainous. The country has massive volcanoes. One of them is still active: the Izalco volcano. There are many natural lakes and rivers. The coast is characterised by tropical sandy beaches, huge cliffs and romantic islands. The two parallel mountain ranges - the Sierra Maestra del Norte along the border with Honduras and the volcanic Cadena Costera parallel to the coast - divide El Salvador into three very different areas: the coastal plain, approx. 25 km wide, with a humid-hot tropical climate (tierra caliente), the high plateau between the two mountain ridges with a pleasant temperate climate (tierra templada) and the considerably colder high mountain country along the border with Honduras (tierra fría).


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