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The total surface area of Colombia is 1,138,910 square kilometres. Colombia is therefore approximately twenty-eight times larger than the Netherlands. Colombia borders the following countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. The coast of Colombia borders the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Colombia on satellite photoColombia on satellite photoPhoto: Public domain


Colombia LandscapeColombia LandscapePhoto: Pedro Szekel CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The landscape of Colombia is dominated by high Andean peaks. There is also a central plateau and lowlands on the coast and in the east of the country. The country has three major Andes mountain ranges (cordilleras), with the highest point Pico Cristobal (5775 metres). The Andes Mountains form the heart of the country. This is where the majority of the population lives. Also, the largest part of the coffee plantations can be found here. Colombia also has a large jungle area, the tropical rainforest.


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