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The language of instruction in Chile is Spanish. The Spanish word for language is "español", but in most countries in South America it is preferred to say "castellano". When asked "do you speak Spanish", they also say "Habla castellano" instead of "Habla español".

Chilean in South America differs most from the original Castillian. Chilean is a bit more difficult to understand than the other South American variants; it is pronounced a bit faster and it contains quite a few own Chilean words. The Chilean language is further interspersed with terms from English, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian and various Indian languages.

The Mapuche language, "Mapudungun" is still important regionally. About half a million Mapuches still speak this native language. In the north, Aymara is spoken by the small Aymara population.

English Spaans Mapuche
down abajo nag
fishing hook anzuelo cùlí
dancing bailar pùrun
light luz lighuen
knee rodilla triló
drum tambor cultrún
elderly viejo cushe

English Spaans Aymara
calm tranquilo aliqa
wet mojado ch’araña
black negro ch’iyara
cleam limpio k’uma
rude crudo khallu
happy alegre kusi
fat gordo lik’í
luke tibio llaphi
almost casi niya
dry seco phara
ripe maduro puquta


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