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Botswana is located in southern Africa north of South Africa. Botswana is bordered to the south and southeast by South Africa, to the northeast by Zambia, to the east by Zimbabwe and to the north and west by Namibia.

Botswana Satellite ImageBotswana Satellite ImagePhoto: Public domain

The area of Botswana is almost 600,000 square kilometers.


Botswana Landscape Botswana LandscapePhoto: Winfried Bruenken CC 2.5 Generic no changes made

Much of the country is made up of the Kalahari Desert and the remains of a former desert. The landscape is very varied, ranging from the huge oasis called Okavango Delta to plains in the east and rocky concentrations in Tsodilo. A single river still meanders through the land. The best known are the Chobe River in the northwest and the Okavango River.


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