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The 'Maximilianeum', in this building has been the seat of the Bavarian Parliament since 1949Photo: Guido Radig Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported no changes made

The Federal Republic of Germany has been a parliamentary democracy since 23 May 1949, but with a remarkably strong federalist character. The Bundestag or Bundestag, elected for a period of four through universal direct suffrage, is responsible for the legislative power. The Federal Council, consists of representatives of the Bundesländer or federal states, including Bavaria.

The government of the Federal Republic consists of the Reich Chancellor or Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers. The Chancellor is appointed on the recommendation of the Federal President, in a more ceremonial position. The current political situation in Germany is described in the chapter history.

Coat of arms of Bavaria Photo:punlic domain

Analogous to the federal state, the federal states also have their own parliament, the 'Landstag', for Bavaria this is the Bayerischen Landtag. The Landstag elects a Prime Minister who then elects the other members of his or her government. The state parliaments, like the federal parliament, are elected by direct elections, every five years since 1998. The Bavarian Parliament has 180 members. Until 1998, there was also a senate in Bavaria, but after a referendum this layer of government was abolished.

The federal states are even allowed to pass laws in a number of areas, they have a great deal of autonomy in the field of culture and education, but are constitutionally limited in their independence.

Schematic overview of administrative layers in Germany Photo:Public domain

Administrative division

Germany is divided into 16 Bundesländer or federal states, each with its own constitution and a directly elected parliament and government. The federal states  are allowed to determine their own policy in the areas of education, nature conservation, water management and health care, provided they remain within the framework of the laws drawn up by the Federal Government.

The states have no influence on foreign policy, defense, railways and part of the taxes. In the areas of criminal law, immigration policy, housing and environmental legislation, the federal government and the governments of the federal states are jointly responsible.

Conflicts between the federal states and the federal government are often resolved by the Bundesverfassungsgericht.

German states with Bavaria as the largestPhoto:Patricia Fidi in the public domain

name capital inhabitants surface
Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart 10.716.000 35.751 km2
BavariaMunich   12.692.000 70.553 km2
Berlin n.v.t. 3.500.000 889 km2
Brandenburg Potsdam 2.500.000 29.053 km2
Bremen n.v.t. 661.000 326 km2
Hamburg n.v.t. 1.774.000 755 km2
Hesse Wiesbaden 6.094.000 21.114 km2
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin 1.600.000 23.170 km2
Niedersachsen Hannover 7.860.000 47.343 km2
North Rhine-Westphalia Düsseldorf 17.685.000 34.070 km2
Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz 4.012.000 19.486 km2
Saarland Saarbrücken 990.000 2.570 km2
Sachsen Dresden 4.056.000 18.338 km2
Sachsen-Anhalt Magdeburg 2.232.000 20.443 km2
Schleswig-Holstein Kiel 2.831.000 15.731 km2
Thuringia Erfurt 2.155.000 16.251 km2

The state of Bavaria is divided into seven regions or 'Regierungsbezirke': Oberbayern with the seat of government in the state capital of Munich, Niederbayern with Landshut, Oberpfalz with Regensburg, the three Franconian regions of Oberfranken with Bayreuth, Mittelfranken with Ansbach, Unterfranken with Würzburg and Swabia with Augsburg.

Regierungsbezirke of BavariaPhoto:Publiek domein


name sutgace inhabitants population density
Oberbayern 17.529 km2 4.470.000 255
Niederbayern 10.330 km2 1.190.000 115
Oberpfalz 9.691 km2 1.078.000 111
Oberfranken 7.231 km2 1.057.000 146
Mittelfranken 7.245 km2 1.708.000 236
Unterfranken 8.531 km2 1.298.000 152
Schwaben 9.992 km2 1.807.000 181

The Regierungsbezirke are divided into 71 Landkreise and 25 kreisfreie Städte, which are large municipalities that do not belong to a Landkreis. A Landkreis is a regional administrative unit that is one administrative level above the municipality. All Landkreisen in total consist of more than 2000 politically independent municipalities. Below an overview and a map of the 25 kreisfreie Städte and the 71 Landkreise in Bavaria:

name Regierungsbezirk name Regierungsbezirk
Amberg Oberpfalz Landshut Niederbayern
Ansbach Mittelfranken Memmingen Schwaben
Aschaffenburg Unterfranken Munich Oberbayern
Augsburg Schwaben Nürnberg Mittelfranken
Bamberg Oberfranken Passau Niederbayern
Bayreuth Oberfranken Regensburg Oberpfalz
Coburg Oberfranken Rosenheim Oberbayern
Erlangen Mittelfranken Schwabach Mittelfranken
Fürth Mittelfranken Schweinfurt Unterfranken
Hof Oberfranken Straubing Niederbayern
Ingolstadt Oberbayern Weiden in der Oberpfalz Oberpfalz
Kaufbeuren Schwaben Würzburg Unterfranken
Kempten (Allgaü) Schwaben    

Landkreise en kreisfreie Städte in BavariaPhoto:Diwas Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported no changes made

Mittelfranken: 7 Landkreise en 5 Kreisfreie cities
Niederbayern: 9 Landkreise en 3 Kreisfreie cities
Oberbayern: 20 Landkreise en 3 Kreisfreie cities
Oberfranken: 9 Landkreise en 4 Kreisfreie cities
Oberpfalz: 7 Landkreise en 3 Kreisfreie cities
Schwaben: 10 Landkreise en 4 Kreisfreie cities
Unterfranken: 9 Landkreise en 3 Kreisfreie cities

Landkreis Kreisstadt/seat board Regierungsbezirk
Aichach-Friedberg Aichach Schwaben
Altötting Altötting Oberbayern
Amberg-Sulzbach Amberg Oberpfalz
Ansbach Ansbach Mittelfranken
Achaffenburg Aschaffenburg Unterfranken
Augsburg Augsburg Schwaben
Bad Kissingen Bad Kissingen Unterfranken
Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen Bad Tölz Oberbayern
Bamberg Bamberg Oberfranken
Bayreuth Bayreuth Oberfranken
Berchtesgadener Land Bad Reichenhall Oberbayern
Cham Cham Oberpfalz
Coburg Coburg Oberfranken
Dachau Dachau Oberbayern
Deggendorf Deggendorf Niederbayern
Dillingen an der Donau Dillingen an der Donau Schwaben
Dingolfing-Landau Dingolfing Niederbayern
Donau-Ries Donauwörth Schwaben
Ebersberg Ebersberg Oberbayern
Eichstätt Eichstätt Oberbayern
Erding Erding Oberbayern
Erlangen-Höchstadt Erlangen Mittelfranken
Forchheim Forchheim Oberfranken
Freising Freising Oberbayern
Freyung-Grafenau Freyung Niederbayern
Fürstenfeldbruck Fürstenfeldbruck Oberbayern
Fürth Zirndorf Mittelfranken
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Garmisch-Partenkirchen Oberbayern
Günzburg Günzburg Schwaben
Haßberge Haßfurt Unterfranken
Hof Hof Oberfranken
Kelheim Kelheim Niederbayern
Kitzingen Kitzingen Unterfranken
Kronach Kronach Oberfranken
Kulmbach Kulmbach Oberfranken
Landsberg am Lech Landsberg am Lech Oberbayern
Landshut Landshut Niederbayern
Lichtenfels Lichtenfels Oberfranken
Lindau Lindau Schwaben
Main-Spessart Karlstadt Unterfranken
Miesbach Miesbach Oberbayern
Miltenberg Miltenberg Unterfranken
Mühldorf am Inn Mühldorf am Inn Oberbayern
Munich München Oberbayern
Neuburg-Schrobenhausen Neuburg an der Donau Oberbayern
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz Oberpfalz
Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim Neustadt an der Aisch Mittelfranken
Neustadt an der Waldnaab Neustadt an der Waldnaab Oberpfalz
Neu-Ulm Neu-Ulm Schwaben
Nürnberger Land Lauf an der Pegnitz Mittelfranken
Oberallgäu Sonthofen Schwaben
Ostallgäu Marktoberdorf Schwaben
Passau Passau Niederbayern
Pfaffenhofen Pfaffenhofen Oberbayern
Regen Regen Niederbayern
Regensburg Regensburg Oberpfalz
Rhön-Grabfeld Bad Neustadt an der Saale Unterfranken
Rosenheim Rosenheim Oberbayern
Roth Roth Mittelfranken
Rottal-Inn Pfarrkirchen Niederbayern
Schwandorf Schwandorf Oberpfalz
Schweinfurt Schweinfurt Unterfranken
Starnberg Starnberg Oberbayern
Straubing-Bogen Straubing Niederbayern
Tirschenreuth Tirschenreuth Oberpfalz
Traunstein Traunstein Oberbayern
Unterallgäu Mindelheim Schwaben
Weilheim-Schongau Weilheim in Oberbayern Oberbayern
Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen Weißenburg in Bayern Mittelfranken
Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge Wunsiedel Oberfranken
Würzburg Würzburg Unterfranken


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