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Bali is an Indonesian island east of Java and west of Lombok. It is the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The island measures 5561 km² and has more than 3 million inhabitants. The current capital is Denpasar (Singaraja was the capital until 1958).

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Bali Landscape rice terracesBali Landscape rice terracesPhoto: Thomas Fuhrmann CC 4.0 International no changes made

The island is dominated by volcanic mountains; some of the volcanoes are still active. The literal highlight is the Gunung Agung with a peak of 3,142 m above sea level. The Gunung Batur, near the Danau Batur (Lake Batur), is 1717 m high with a crater of 11 km and 180 m deep.

Bali is separated from Java by the shallow Bali Strait, which is only 8 km wide at its narrowest point. The wider Lombok Strait separates Lombok. To the north is the Bali Sea, to the south the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore, the varied landscape is characterized by lush rainforests, original crater lakes, fast-flowing rivers and deep ravines. Bali has white beaches in the south, the beaches elsewhere are covered with gray or black volcanic sand.



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