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Lying around the Tropic of Cancer, the United Arab Emirates has a desert climate with a warm and sunny winter and a hot and humid summer. Average daytime temperatures of around 26 ° C in winter are pleasant, November seems to be the best month to visit Abu Dhabi, although at night it can cool down to 12-15 ° C on the coast and deep in the desert and in higher located areas below 5 ° C sometimes occurs. The northwestern shamal wind, which can blow from the northwest in summer and winter, causes sand storms.
In summer, temperatures reach about 45 ° C, and it can get even hotter inland. Humidity on the coast varies between 50-60% in winter to more than 90% in summer and fall. Inland is much less humid. In late autumn and early spring it can be very foggy in the morning combined with high humidity.

Rainfall is scarce. It rains in short, bright showers, especially in the winter months of February and March. Thunderstorms do sometimes occur in summer, especially over the mountains in the south and east of the country. In some years, however, not a drop of water falls, and plants and animals depend on the dew. This even applies to places where it normally always rains, such as in Masafi in the Hajar mountains, where in a 'wet' year there is 350 mm of rain, but only 30 mm in a dry year. Occasionally it can rain so hard in these mountains that the wadis flood, but Abu Dhabi is also sometimes hit by floods, for example in December 2009, when Abu Dhabi city was completely disrupted for two days.


month avg max temp avg min temp sunshine hrs p/d days precipitiation p/m sea temp
January 24°C 14°C 8 2 23°C
February 25°C 15°C 8 3 23°C
March 28°C 17°C 8 3 24°C
april 33°C 21°C 10 2 25°C
May 38°C 25°C 11 0 29°C
June 39°C 26°C 11 0 31°C
July 41°C 29°C 10 0 32°C
August 42°C 30°C 10 0 33°C
September 40°C 26°C 10 0 32°C
October 35°C 23°C 10 0 31°C
November 30°C 19°C 10 0 28°C
December 26°C 16°C 8 2 25°C


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