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329,988 people live in the Bahamas (2017). The Bahamas have a low population density. The population density is 24 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Natural population growth is 0.81%. (2017)

Birth rate per 1,000 population is 15.3 (2017)

Mortality rate per 1,000 population is 7.2 (2017)

Life expectancy is 72.6 years - men 70.2 and women 75.1 years (2017)

Population composition:

Blacks 90%

Whites 5% (Most have a British background)

Other 5% (Asians and mixed breeds)


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English is the official language in the Bahamas. The population also speaks Creole, especially immigrants from Haiti.


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The major religions in the Bahamas are Baptism (32%), Anglican (20%), Roman Catholicism (19%), Methodism (6%) and other Protestants (6%).


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